Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mind Map: Class Meeting 4/15/14

Suzanne's Mind Map

This week I somewhat started new. I was tired of working with the mega-nodes I developed two weeks ago. I wanted to try thinking about new concepts. The additions this week are in black and to the right of the network.

I started with the concept of heterogeneity. This concept came up in Guattari and Deleuze's discussion of rhizomes as one of the four principles of rhizomatic structures. For them, it is a hallmark of rhizomes that there are many varied structures that work together to create a rhizome. Gibson though also see heterogeneity in ecology as a principle for survival. I also see this concept at work in Rohan's (from CHAT) discussion of the vents. There, perhaps bordering on heteroglossia, students build a collective memory as they add to each other's scribbles and musings. I think for a network, this diversity is key to survival as Gibson states. Growth and survival depends in each case on the network's ability to incorporate diversity. The rhizome grows different structures - like tubers or chutes - depending on the ideal structure for the environment into which it is spreading. It can optimize the conditions it is in by having varied structures. It can also ensure survival - the asignifying rupture idea - because there are varied structures to take the place of damaged areas of the rhizome. The vent community needs the multiple inputs and diversity to grow in new themes and to maintain the network's existence. Without the layers of voices, the community would not grow or thrive. I think we should consider how heterogeneity is or is not accounted for in the various theories we study.

Then I created a node of constraints. This is another new area that seems to be happening in multiple places. Norman sees constraints in how we perceive affordances as being meaningful. Our expectations constrain how and what we see. Rhetoric for Bitzer and Vatz is constrained by the audience, purpose, the rhetorician's choices, and culturally accepted forms. Scott from the week's readings also touched on constraints by bringing Gestalt into the discussion. As an origin point for modern social network analysis, the psychological positions is one that recognizes the influence of patterns of perception and thinking. I don't think I have spent enough time considering how my OoS is constrained by social conventions or technology. I would like to work with that on the final project. Where are the network limits and where do those limits come from?

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  1. I like the idea of rebooting in the same place as way to see if connections will trickle over (esp. from your other "mega-nodes").